Private Investigators.



We are investigators for producing evidence through classic and digital forensics, crime scene investigation, surveillance, inquiry.

Standardized and documented proceedings guarantee accuracy for preservation of evidence.  


Your unsatisfied claim is legitimate, you expect highest performance. 

Legal conditions are changing. Techniques are improving. Requirements and needs are varying.

Not only offenders conform to altered conditions. We take this into consideration and evaluate reccurrently. 

Mission Statement.

  1. Evidence is irreplaceable
  2. DNA, finger prints, body fluids, documents, digital data and other traces/media are always unique. 
  3. They have to be kept save from contamination and destruction
  4. To convict a suspect by use of material proof beyond doubt always requires a case oriented approach
  5. Our work in forensics completes other methodology´s findings - 
  6. or is fundamental for further strategies
Every technique performed is recognized and used by authorities, both official and private forensic laboratories, impartial experts and medical examiners. Sample


In the corporate sector white collar crime, industrial espionage, anticompetitive behaviour, larceny, illicit employment, negligence, tampering cause heavy losses

in the private sector invasion of privacy, breach of duty for support and alimony, vandalism, investment fraud, scams or adultery lead to a loss of one´s livelihood.


Globalization is a phrase, internationalization what we practice. To conduct a case best possible transnational cooperation within the European Union and outside is our obligation. We associate with and participate in business- and association platforms: Example
•  Adacta Detektive G.Hirtl
•  int. 43 - 664 - 335 8624
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