Private Investigators.



Research, Inquiry, Surveillance: 
per hour (weekdays)
€ 65,00
per hour (Sat, Sun, holidays)
€ 82,00
per mile €   1,93
file management 15% aggregate

For surveillance charges for hours and mileage multiply with number of  staff

Crime scene investigation, forensics,
trace analysis and comparison:
per hour € 95,00
per mile € 1,93
forensics aids at cost
case management 15% aggregate

Flat fees - examples:  
trace material: examination for biological traces and seminal fluid testing (antigen oder enzyme), documentation

€ 225,00
paper: letter size, developing finger prints:
optical, iodine fuming, DFO and ninhydrin,

€ 350,00
trace material: amylase test
(saliva as pretest to DNA), documentation

€ 200,00
DNA analysis (not in-house, lab-dependent) from 300,00
thief trap, visible stain detection:
wallet dusted with AGNo3;
bills with fuchsine, rhodamine B;

€ 195,00
thief trap, invisible compounds:
wallet dusted with UV-powder;
bills with phenolphtalein, UV powder;
indicator NaOH; UV-pocket-lamp

€ 195,00
reproduction with Silmark, documentation

€ 225,00

Digital Video Surveillance: 
DVR or PC-based, max. 4 mini-cameras colour
lease per day 

€ 90,00
sale ask us

Forensic Equipment: 
lease or sale ask us

. All charges liable to 20% VAT, if applicable
    Effective January 01 2013; subject to modifications.

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