Private Investigators.



. Every case has its roots in scepticism about individuals or events. Without respective certainty  a claim will only have a slender chance to be enforced successfully.

Besides jurisdictional investigations PIs form the center of producing evidence. The distinguished advantages of private investigations are flexibility due to a straight dialogue with instantly feasible directives (Stop-Go-NoGo) on, as well as immediate und permanent insight into case-related incidents.

. Give your individual affair a try and follow different routes in the flowchart (based on Austria´s legal system) - assess chances,  dependencies, efforts:

producing evidence in the Austrian legal system


party: individual or entity, affected or aggrieved in its rights
consultant: counsel, auditor, controlling routines, confidant
scepsis: reasonable doubt, concern, distrust
private investigator: competent professional, producing evidence by mandate
legal representative
: solicitor, barrister, lawyer, attorney
means of evidence
: sufficient inculpatory or exculpatory provings
inquiry: investigations, either disclosed or under cover
surveillance: targeted, methodical, inconspicious monitoring of individuals or items
forensics: criminalistic procedures related to traces
evaluating of information: linking and assessing of operational steps´ findings
authority: a body with power to enforce rules or give orders (administrative decisions, public law regulations, prosecution)
court: jurisdiction; ordinary, supreme and special courts, boards of trustees
legal claim: enforcement of a title through governmental instruments of power
arbitrary: private enforcement of law
extrajudicial practice: settlement under private law; arbitration, mediation

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